Education Services


The proposed development will have an estimated total built up area of 258,158.33 ft2 on a rectangular shape. BTH is permitted to build on a maximum footprint of 60% or 154,894 ft2. The proposed school site has excellent connectivity to the Kuala Lumpur city centre and Petaling Jaya.

 Subject Site And Building Specifications

Plot Area

258,158.33 ft2

Maximum Footprint

154,894 ft2

Total Building Size

250,984.79 ft2


16 ft

Subject Site Location

Land Title


BTHomestead Development Sdn Bhd

No. Lot

Lot 1842


Tidak Dinyatakan



Restriction in Interest


Jenis Hak Milik (Type of Ownership)

Geran Mukim (No. Hakmilik:1508)

Keluasan (Area)

10875.57 Meter Persegi (2.687 ekar)


Mukim Batu


Kuala Lumpur


Wilayah Persekutuan K.L

Site Overview

Facilities Overview
The facilities being designed and constructed for the project is a one block seven storey building consisting of:

  • Science Laboratory
  • Art (including storage and workroom)
  • Music (including practice and ensemble)
  • Information Technology Classroom
  • Media Center/Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Ancillary PE Space (including PE alternatives, storage, offices, locker rooms, etc.)
  • Food Prep/Kitchen and Cafeteria
  • Staff Lunch Room
  • Auditorium
  • Stage Auditorium Storage, dressing rooms, controls, etc.
  • General Office
  • Nurse's Office/Health
  • Counseling
  • Teachers Workroom/Lounge (including toilet)
  • Custodian/Maintenance
  • General Storage (Books)
  • Class rooms and staff rooms
  • Library
  • ICT rooms
  • Science labs (Chemistry, physics, biology)
  • Canteen
  • §Multipurpose hall and gymnasium
  • §One level sub-basement car park    together
  • Swimming pool and foot ball field
  • Drama, art, music, and audio-video rooms
  • Administrative Offices

It takes into account all of the needs of the students whereby all the facilities are located on the podium level. With these facilities located within the compound of the school, the students are able to use them without having to concern about their safety and also save the students’ parents from the hassle of chauffeuring their children around for sports activities such as swimming classes if the facilities were located out of the school compound. This development also will be equipped with landscape (open courtyard and open space for the students use and enjoyment within a safe environment). The school’s facilities will be constructed in full, but will be finished and outfitted as grades are added each year of operation.