Education Services


Supported by the basic beliefs and values inherent in the mission and vision of our School, the educational experience of our students is enhanced by the IGCSE Program. In harmony with the IGCSE program, and to fulfill our mandate, our School commits to the following core values:

  • Every child deserves a high-quality and comprehensive education
  • We hold ourselves accountable to every child who walks through our door.
  • We believe the development of citizenship in all students is essential to a complete education.
  • We will develop a desire for deep thinking, continuous growth and life-long learning.
  • We will provide a positive environment where mutual respect and individual responsibility are learned and practiced.
  • All students, regardless of their diverse learning abilities, can learn and achieve to their maximum potential.
  • Education is a partnership among students, staff, families and the community.
  • All students and employees have the right to a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.
  • Technology, when used appropriately, has the potential to enhance the process of teaching and learning.
  • Diversity enhances our community.
  • The School will create an environment in which students want to come to School to learn, teachers want to teach, and parents want to support their children’s education.
  • Students should be prepared to contribute to society.