Education Services


The School provides an educational program that incorporates the best practices of both local and international programs of study in particular the IB methodology, guided by the IGCSE Program. The School will progress from candidate status as an IGCSE School to being fully authorized, achieving designation as an IGCSE School. The School will strive to be a community where the skills and attitudes of global citizenship and community responsibility are refined, promoted, and practiced. The School’s education philosophy will focus on:

    1. Enriched university preparatory educational program.
    2. Small class sizes ensuring that each student receives the individualized instruction he or she needs to be successful.
    3. Building on a strong junior and middle school foundation, upon which the high school will provide critical preparation for life, university, and beyond.
    4. A code of conduct and high standards for student and staff behavior and performance.
    5. A community service program that allows students to make a difference in the local and global communities.
    6. Emphasis on a well-balanced academic program where students are technologically literate.
    7. A sports program with inclusive team membership and opportunities for individual and team sports at a level that is reflective of the student’s ability and competitiveness, as well as opportunities for non-competitive pursuits related to lifestyle and healthy living.
    8. Preparing students to meet the challenges of a global economy – preparing them with the fundamentals life skills and education for careers in a changing world.
    9. Keep academic standards high but still have a supportive financial aid program to allow an inclusive and broad representation of the community.
    10. Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Council of International Schools (CIS).
    11. Support students with different learning styles.

 We Believe

  1. in mutual respect
  2. that the diversity of our multicultural community is our strength
  3. each individual is unique and valued
  4. everyone should strive for excellence
  5. each individual has the right and obligation to develop his/her potential
  6. in the need to develop self-esteem
  7. in providing a safe and secure environment which protects and nurtures the individual
  8. each individual is ultimately responsible for shaping his or her own future
  9. everyone must take responsibility for the global environment
  10. individuals can contribute to society
  11. in promoting intercultural awareness and understanding
  12. individuals are accountable for their actions
  13. in promoting integrity and honesty

Program Details

  1. Internationally accredited university preparatory educational program.
  2. Instilling a connection to Malaysia’s multi-cultural society, with strong ties to local customs and traditions.
  3. (ESL) programs for students who need additional support to advance their English language skills and for students whose mother tongue is not English.
  4. Student involvement in community service, integrating a values-based program.
  5. An extended school day in order to create a balanced program (e.g., education, sport, clubs, arts).
  6. Diverse visual and performing arts program (e.g., theater, painting, ceramics, design, dance).
  7. Technology classes featuring subjects such as animation, digital imaging, and digital music.
  8. A competitive athletics program with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and well-being.
  9. Allowing students to learn a variety of languages (e.g., Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, French, German, Bahasa Malaysia).
  10. The School will be Nationally and Internationally Accredited by:
  11. Ministry of Education of Malaysia
  12. IGCSE Board
  13. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  14. The curriculum will be global, innovative and attractive to students, and will focus on transmitting knowledge and skills in the aim of developing thorough personal competence in each of our students.
  15. The curriculum will include a strong social agenda, from the early years until graduation, to instill awareness of the needs of those less privileged, and to create empathy, solidarity and compassion as necessary life values.
  16. Sports, fitness and nutrition are an integral part of human development – our School will provide world class installations for sports activities, foster competitive sports programs, and provide nutritionally balanced meals in our School cafeteria.
  17. The School calendar will coincide with other International Schools in Kuala Lumpur.
  18. Recognize the importance of early childhood education (Pre-K4) as the foundation for lifelong learning skills, and a separate physical location, specifically designed for children in their early formation years.
  19. The School will have special education programs for children with gifted abilities and a philosophy of integration and inclusion as much as possible within the regular school program.
  20. There will be an in-house program for Tutoring, where teachers and students will have an opportunity to assist younger peers.

                   Educational Program Space for a Prototypical Academic Private School

                                                                                          Projected Student-To-Teacher Ratio

Anticipated At The End of Year 5 of Operation


Number of Students


Number of Staff



16 to 20