Education Services


The huge potential prospects of the education sector within Malaysia and globally has led BTHomestead (“BTH”) ventures into this sector in order to make the sector as one of its pillars of growth in the future.

  • Since implementation of the National Economic Policy, private educational institutions have developed into more commercially viable industries and have played a significant role by absorbing the growing demand from Malaysian population who desire for English schools with international programs. 
  • The private education sector has also played a valuable role in the Malaysian Government’s efforts to make Malaysia an education hub of excellence in Asia. 
  • Current attitudes towards education, by both the private and public sectors will result in increased, and sustained investment in education at all levels.

Key Findings 

  • There is strong evidence to support a growing demand for high quality English language schools with International programs.
  • In general, residents of Kuala Lumpur hold education in high regard and are anxious to secure the best education possible for their children.
  • The changing face of the Malaysian labor force has been made possible by increased access to educational opportunities. Expanding private-sector innovation-led economic opportunities have also increased demand for educated English-speaking workers.
  • The government of Malaysia supports the development of private education at all level realizing that its growth and sustainability is dependent on education.
  • In conclusion, BTH adopted the recommendation to open a private, international school in Kuala Lumpur is based on sound evidence that there is market demand, a favorable economic climate, and a sustained demographic demand for high-quality, private international education with the following factors.

Future Supply

For-profit schools have become increasingly popular in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. There is a for-profit trend that began with universities and colleges; and the trend has now spread throughout all age levels and is expected to increase. Many Malaysians and expatriates view private education as a wise and necessary investment for their children. Many investors also believe that investments in private education can be lucrative providing a reasonable return on investment and provide an educated workforce that will meet the needs of a sustainable, 21st century knowledge economy. 

The enrolment of primary schools, secondary schools, polytechnics, community colleges and universities will continue to increase through strategic planning and development of the education system. At the same time, continuous effort is being undertaken to enhance the quality of education in public institutions of higher learning.