Building Management Services

Facilities and Maintenance Services

For all its completed projects, BTHomestead Group undertakes the facilities and maintenance management services while also at the same time offers property management services to its purchasers and/or customers

With our in-house team of specialists of long time experience and expertise in property management, it enables us to develop planned maintenance routines tailored to client needs in a dedicated, efficient, professional manner ensuring that clients' valuable assets are maintained in the best condition possible and their financial return is maximized.

Recognising that we could not possibly provide all the solutions to our clients’ facility management needs, our emphasis when it comes to Facility Management is to insist that we work only with the best service partners in the industry.

The Group is a professionally managed Organisation and is well supported by more than 50 highly effective people comprising design, architecture, finance, engineering, legal, commercial, strategy, PR and corporate communication, sales & marketing and CRM & facility management departments. We also outsource for specialized requirements of projects.

We firmly believe that customer delight is our proudest outcome not only in the environment we create around them, but also in the ready and committed service we provide.

At BTHomestead, we emphasize a relationship-building and true-partnership approach with both the owners and tenants as equally important. We have sworn allegiance to them with our unswerving enthusiasm and attitude in going that extra mile at any point in time.

With this approach, our clients have come to depend on their relationship with us to increase asset value, to provide controls and communications and to deliver superior service.

Our growing customer base is a reflection of these tenets.